5 secrets of growing cucumbers

If you do not grow cucumbers, you have lost so much. Cucumbers are not only a popular vegetable but also a valuable food product. Cucumber consists of 95 – 97 % water and the most immature and the greener vegetables are – cucumbers are more tasteful and delicious. But how to grow a good crop of cucumbers?

This is a very big topic, which originates from the first stage, namely – growing seedlings of cucumbers or use non-seedlings. When you pay attention to the time of collecting the harvest of cucumbers, it is necessary to examine more closely the way of seedling cultivation, because then their fruition will be significantly accelerated compared to nonseedlings way and the difference can be up to 14 days.
Every experienced gardener has his own algorithm and secrets of cultivation of this vegetable. We managed to find out the five secrets of growing cucumbers, so share them with you.

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  1. Cucumber is a universal crop. They can be grown in any soil type, but if possible, better than they put in light and rich in humus soil or in the places with good aeration and drainage system.
  2. For growing cucumbers, it is necessary to pay attention to crop rotation. Exhaustion of the soil, as well as contributing factors, greatly influences the yield of cucumbers. Therefore, we must remember that if you put at the end of the garden cucumber, the next time planting cucumbers in this good location is possible only after 5 years. Otherwise – nothing to complain about bad seeds or drought. If you are still in thought: where to plant cucumbers, if not in the same place, the experts advise choosing a place where you have grown corn, tomatoes, peas or early potatoes.
  3. To obtain seedlings of cucumber you should take seeds to evaluate their appearance and choose the best, without lesions and cavities. If you decide to plant hybrid seeds, they do not require special preparation procedures and go directly into the soil.
    If you are not a supporter of the growing hybrids, it is necessary to carry out some preparation before planting cucumbers.
    During the month prior to planting the seeds have to be in a room with a temperature above 20 – 25 ° C. This stage is called “warming up” and provides a higher number of seedlings and lower netherbloom. 2 – 3 days before the planned planting seeds of cucumbers to soak in the solution infusion garlic pulp and water in a ratio of 1 : 3. Keep your seeds for 1 hour, after rinse seeds with clean water and put on a slightly damp cloth. They should be kept at room temperature approximately 2 – 3 days to have visually noticeable their full swelling. Small seeds should not have any green sprouts as it will reduce the barrier properties when planting in soil.
  4. When do we need to sow seeds of cucumber seedlings? Standard time is throughout the month of April. Seeds are planted in the soil and watered a little, and about a month later you will have ready seedlings of cucumbers. The most convenient way is to plant the seeds for seedlings in the container height of 8 – 12 cm, and for growing cucumbers, you can use any land. Also, you need to water cucumber seedlings once a week, irrigating the entire tank area.
  5. When is it required to plant seedlings of cucumbers in the open ground? Most gardeners believe that the presence of 3 – 4 leaves is sufficient for the survival of plants during transplantation. This is the number of leaves is formed within 21 days from the moment of putting cucumber seeds in the soil. Cucumbers are very sensitive to temperature changes, especially to the cold snap. Soil temperature is very important for growing cucumbers, which should not be below 14 ° C.

We hope that these five secrets help you to grow good harvest cucumbers. But if you have any comments or ideas about growing cucumbers – let us know about your thoughts{:}{:ru}

By Mary Kuzmenko

CEO Petiole
Growing plants and ideas

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