black currunt leaf, measure leaf area, chlorophyll level black currant, Ribes nigrum

Petiole in action: leaf area measurement for blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum) and level of chlorophyll

Walking in the garden we found a bush of black currant (Ribes nigrum).
Using Petiole mobile app we measured a leaf of black currant and got the following results:

Estimated time of measurement: less than 1 second
Leaf area: 33,8 cm2
Dark green index: 0,69
You can download Petiole app for your Android phone here.

By the way, it is time to enjoy black currant leaves. One teaspoon of milled dried black currant leaves contains as much vitamin C as a lemon. Can you imagine this? However, it is important to gather these leaves after the blooming (actually, now). After some time, the chemical makeup of leaves changes and all useful chemicals go in berries. The larger leaf surface area in black currant and a higher level of chlorophyll in a leaf – more vitamin C.