We get many questions about fixing a problem of camera calibration at Petiole, a mobile application for specific leaf area measurement. That’s why we decided to suggest two general solutions for this issue.

Why I cannot calibrate camera in Petiole mobile application?

There are many reasons behind this question but we clarify the following three options which mainly cause the problem with camera calibration in Petiole:

  • An old version of Petiole mobile application
  • A specific operating system of the smartphone
  • Problem with the same height and fixed position for measurement.

Solution 1 – Software Updates

This is one of the most popular solution to the problem of how to calibrate camera in Petiole. You must go to the Petiole mobile application page at Google Play Market and check for any updates. We try to fix different problems, appearing in the mobile application after every new release of OS Android or any its library. That’s why – try to update your mobile application manually if it is not automatic.

Solution 2 – Follow our step-by-step video instruction

We have produced a range of videos about calibration and the next steps of measurements. Hopefully, these materials will be helpful for you:
1. Step 1 – Setup Calibration pad:
2. Step 2 – Setup Camera with Calibration pad:
3. Step 3 – Place a leaf on the measuring stand:
4. Step 4 – measure leaf area in sq.sm in one tap:
We hope these solutions will help you. If not – let us know, we will do our best to help you.
We know that there is a range of mobile phones with average productivity (and this creates extra problems in Petiole work). We try to fix these problems too so please, stay calm, hopefully in the next release we will solve the unique problem that you have.
In any case – you can always ask someone’s Android phone to install this app and the probability is higher that it will work on that phone better.