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Leaf area measurement with creative resources

Leaf area measurement with creative resources

Trees in big cities are adopted for the surrounded conditions more than the same species of wood put down their roots in the natural conditions. In other words, we are speaking again about influence of salt-affected soil, metal heavy, gases, etc.

Level of development for a tree was defined by the degree of its organs’ development, particularly leaves. We researched differences between the natural territory, for example, parks, green areas – the leaves were larger and contain less heavy metals there. Instead, leaves grown in the streets were not so.
We measured individual surface area. For this task we scanned leaves, put images into a PC software, it calculates shaded pixels, then these pixels were transferred to the area and this process took a lot of time.
By the way, we used unlicensed program. It seemed that it worked, brought some results but we cannot prove them and think that these results were accurate.

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Hello to all readers of Geektimes. Today we have a chance to chat about real development of own ideas with Andrii Seleznov, co-founder of startup Petiole. We will try to avoid winning relations and suggestions how it is easy (or difficult) and enjoyable to feel media exposure on yourself. 

Instead of this, we want to write about quite a lengthy process: about how a new idea is emerging, about theoretical underpinning of author(s) knowledge, about how an idea gains its meaningful characters, and foremost, how it appears and  imposes the auditory. We mean the honest story about finding investors and further development.

We would like to avoid any advertisements but should say a couple of words. What is meant here is technically special-purpose application Petiole, that allows measuring leaf area of plants and chlorophyll content with the help of a camera of a mobile phone.

Let’s start from the very first jump.

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Measure leaves surface areas, save your measurements, see the comparison of leaves surface areas, and add experimental crops and fields
Source: Android description

Useful information
Download: Android 4.2 (3.4MB)
Price: free (there is a paid option)
Language: English
Runs offline: no
Last update: Android 15/03/2016
Website of the developer: Petiole


This application allows you to calculate in a simple way the surface area of the leaves (what is known as foliar area), an important variable for estimating plant growth or agricultural potential.

The use of the application requires opening a user account (if you only want to try it, you have a possibility to use a demo version). Once implemented this requirement, you access to a screen in which the leaves whose surface has been calculated previously are stored. To perform the measurement of a new leaf, Petiole will ask you first to install OpenCV Manager, a small application that, among other features, allows detection and object recognition.

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Maryna Kuzmenko, CEO Petiole. Photo credit The Hundert

Maryna Kuzmenko, CEO Petiole. Photo credit The Hundert

The most important task in one’s life is to find your own way and follow it. I had been seeking my life journey for almost 15 years, working in different fields and countries. I had started many endeavours, but most of them failed. Now I know why: I am completely sure that entrepreneurship in technology is the area in which I’m meant to achieve my goals.

This decision was never based on a desire to be an IT girl, but rather a deep belief that informational technology is one of the greatest tools to create change in the world. My co-founder, Andrii Seleznov, and I had a friend who is an agricultural scientist and came to us with a problem, which prompted us to want to solve it.

Now, I am inspired by the value and efficiency of our products and extremely thankful for my team at Petiole.

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