Intellectual Information Technologies in Education and Science

On 18 October 2017, the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology of the Ternopil National Pedagogical University (TNPU) hosted a one-day interdisciplinary workshop on the theme of “Intellectual Information Technologies in Education and Science”. The workshop was designed to transfer knowledge and provide a new model for high‐quality, open interdisciplinary engagement between professionals in biology, informational technology and education.

Andrii Seleznov, Chief Technology Officer at Petiole, was invited to represent Petiole and concept of mobile application for obtaining leaf area measurements and other important data for plant physiology. The co-organizers of this event were Andriy and Natalia Hertz from the Department of General Biology and Methodology of Natural Sciences Teaching and the Department of Botany and Zoology at Faculty of Chemistry and Biology of TNPU explained how on-line platform PhotosynQ helps them in conducting scientific research.

The workshop also consisted of several sessions of presentations by Ph.D candidates, followed by discussion,with the aim of inviting constructive insights from all participants based on their different disciplinary experiences of implementation IT into the educational and scientific process. Importantly, the workshop created a relaxed environment enabling the exchange of knowledge and research methods cutting across biological, educational and pedagogical disciplines.

The workshop was also a learning opportunity as there will was a stand to use discussed instruments in practice, assess the plant’s health conditions in real-time and share feedback about these tools.

We would like to thank all participants to the workshop for their participation and interest in digitalizing their scientific areas with our Petiole and other products of informational technologies.

By Mary Kuzmenko

CEO Petiole
Growing plants and ideas

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