It was interesting and challenging way but we have gone it. Finally, we have completely new Petiole.LeafArea, an Android based mobile application for biology, plant physiology, agriculture chemistry and ecology. We re-write it from scratch. Now Petiole measures not only the specific leaf area of an individual plant leaf but can measure total leaf area. Petiole will help to measure specific leaf area and total plant leaf area in taps, without any ImageJ or leaf area scanners.

Also, this version includes behind the scenes improvements to Petiole app stability and stamps of our pesky bugs.

By the way, our Petiole.LeafArea is absolutely FREE now. Don’t forget to take advantage of this.

If you will have any problems with Petiole.LeafArea, please, don’t hesitate to contact us via the app, directly at or you can visit our FAQ and find some answers there:

Download Petiole. Leaf Area from Google Play Store