Measure leaves surface areas, save your measurements, see the comparison of leaves surface areas, and add experimental crops and fields
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Useful information
Download: Android 4.2 (3.4MB)
Price: free (there is a paid option)
Language: English
Runs offline: no
Last update: Android 15/03/2016
Website of the developer: Petiole


This application allows you to calculate in a simple way the surface area of the leaves (what is known as foliar area), an important variable for estimating plant growth or agricultural potential.

The use of the application requires opening a user account (if you only want to try it, you have a possibility to use a demo version). Once implemented this requirement, you access to a screen in which the leaves whose surface has been calculated previously are stored. To perform the measurement of a new leaf, Petiole will ask you first to install OpenCV Manager, a small application that, among other features, allows detection and object recognition.

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Maryna Kuzmenko, CEO Petiole. Photo credit The Hundert

Maryna Kuzmenko, CEO Petiole. Photo credit The Hundert

The most important task in one’s life is to find your own way and follow it. I had been seeking my life journey for almost 15 years, working in different fields and countries. I had started many endeavours, but most of them failed. Now I know why: I am completely sure that entrepreneurship in technology is the area in which I’m meant to achieve my goals.

This decision was never based on a desire to be an IT girl, but rather a deep belief that informational technology is one of the greatest tools to create change in the world. My co-founder, Andrii Seleznov, and I had a friend who is an agricultural scientist and came to us with a problem, which prompted us to want to solve it.

Now, I am inspired by the value and efficiency of our products and extremely thankful for my team at Petiole.

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If you have never considered Sorghum as a very profitable crop to grow, it is a time to start thinking about it. From different resources listed below we collect 8 key facts about Sorghum as a grain crop to improve your farming performance.

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Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and drones as representatives of the family of unmanned aircraft systems (UASs) are an indispensable part of modern agriculture. But what is their value to farmers and landowners?
Agricultural experts call a few key areas in which drones and UAVs are the priceless tools. Let’s look at each of the cases of their application in more detail.

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If you do not grow cucumbers, you have lost so much. Cucumbers are not only a popular vegetable but also a valuable food product. Cucumber consists of 95 – 97 % water and the most immature and the greener vegetables are – cucumbers are more tasteful and delicious. But how to grow a good crop of cucumbers?

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