Recently we got a question from the customer of Petiole mobile application related to his need to refer to the app in his dissertation. He was doing research in agriculture science and needed to quote Petiole as an instrument of leaf area measurement.

Existing quotes for Petiole mobile application

Petiole mobile application is already featured by two scientific articles:

  1. Hrytsak, L. R., Herts, A. I., Nuzhyna, N. V., Cryk, M. M., Shevchenko, V. V., & Drobyk, N. M. (2018).The influence of light regime on the growth data and pigment composition of the plant Gentiana lutea cultured in vitro.Regulatory Mechanisms in Biosystems, 9(2), 258-266
  2. Polunina O. V., Maiboroda V. P., Seleznov A. Y..Evaluation Methods Of Estimation Of Young Apple Trees Leaf Area.Bulletin of Uman National University of Horticulture, 2018(2), 80-83.
    UDK: 303.22: 581.45: 634.11: 634.1.03
Petiole mobile application has been already referenced in two international scientific journals
Petiole mobile application has been already referenced in two international scientific journals

However, in both of these articles, Petiole is cited indirectly. Hence, the question about how to cite mobile application Petiole in a scientific article is still relevant.
We tried to find answers in the Oxford Referencing Style and Harvard reference Guide.
But finally, we found a suggestion which may be useful for our case. It is published in requirements to formatting of articles at American Psychology Association.

The correct quotation of Petiole mobile application in your research

To follow the mentioned idea, the reference has to be done in the following manner: Rightsholder, A. A. (year). Title of Software or Program (Version number) [Mobile application software]. Retrieved from http://xxxxx

Returning to our case of Petiole leaf area measurements, if you need to quote the use of this mobile application in your scientific research, you can make this mention:

Petiole LTD (2019) Petiole – Your Leaf Area Meter (Version 2.0.1)  [Mobile application software]. Retrieved from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.petioleapp.petiole