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How to measure leaf area with smartphone?

Posted by Published on February 7, 2018

In this video, we made a brief how-to measure leaf area with a smartphone and a mobile application Petiole. It clear shows that specific leaf area measurement is not a problem and even to measure total leaf area is not an issue – less than in a minute with nothing special. Only Petiole and its Petiole kit (measuring stand and calibration pad) and three leaves…

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The analysis of the three measurement methods of leaf blade area of young bi-axis apple trees on rootstock 54-118 was made. High accuracy of the measurement results by a method of area calculation within a leaf contour on millimeter graph paper (31, 21 sq.cm ) and with help of a method of computer sight using application “Petiole” on Smartphone with operational system Android (31, 28…

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Why do we need to measure leaf surface area?

Posted by Published on January 28, 2016

A scientist who studies plants repeatedly faced with a need to measure the leaf surface area. The most difficult task is to define complex leaves because the generally accepted scientific methods (contour method, weighting method, cutting method) have the greatest error.

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