How to Make Plant Leaves Flat to Measure Area

The task to make plant leaves flat for leaf area measurement makes many researchers unhappy. Have you tried to measure the plant leaf area of wheat? Or rice? Perhaps, soybean? How to make the headache with this task less? Simple answers to a really difficult practical question in agriculture and ecology. Surely, with Petiole.

Why Do You Need to Make Plant Leaves Flat?

Have you ever tried to measure leaf area of wheat, soybean or pear? If the answer is “yes”, then you definitely understand the problem. If your answer is “not yet”, then be ready to do this one day.

The natural specifics of these leaves make them impossible to stick to the surface for measurement. In other words, each time you will try to keep it nicely flat, it will return to its natural shape.

However, to make plant leaves flat is important for the precision of data. If you won’t care about the accuracy of collected data about leaf area measurement then your agriculture science research may fail.

It doesn’t matter too much are you comparing data or just processing it. But inaccurate data about plant leaves should not be the foundation for any scientific outcomes.

Unfortunately, if not to make plant leaves flat before any measurement using optical and digital tools, then the risk to get wrong data is higher.

In any case, it will be useful for you to know how to make the surface of leaves flat and not curvy. Considering our hands-on experience, it is almost impossible particularly in wheat and rice, on the early stage of vegetation!

There are many life hacks on how to glue these leaves or stick them. However, after such manipulations, these leaves are not acceptable for any other further measurements or research.

Hence, we found an elegant solution to this problem. It is applicable for almost any type of leaves (cereals, fruit or vegetables). It makes their surface completely flat and ready-to-measure. Do you want to try it :)?

How to make a surface of a leaf flat for measurement? Ask Petiole, we know how
How to make a surface of a leaf flat for measurement? Ask Petiole, we know-how

By Mary Kuzmenko

CEO Petiole
Growing plants and ideas

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